Here at Labour Research we write about employment law, the relationship between employers and workers and other issues related to the subject. Here are just a couple of the topics that we cover.

Workplace Safety  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces strict workplace and health standards for all businesses that operate in the United States. When a business fails to comply with OSHA regulation, employees become endangered and administration may be held legally responsible for disregarding or being negligent with the law.

Wages and Hour Businesses are required to compensate their employees fairly and on-time. Other issues include the compensation of workers who work more than the set 40 hours per week and providing wages that meet the minimum wage of the state. If an employee has not received fair compensation for the time he has worked or he was not given the legal time-off for breaks, a lawsuit may be brought against the employer.

Workplace discrimination Whenever someone does not receive a job or a promotion because of the color of their skin, their age, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or religion, you are witnessing a case of workplace discrimination. When businesses start looking for criteria other than job performance or experience for career advancement, discrimination may be taking place. If you suspect that you did not receive a job because of discriminatory hiring practices, you should contact an employment law attorney.

Wrongful dismissal Wrongful dismissal is when a person loses his or her job because of reasons outside the terms of his contract. Breaches of contract are a tricky subject of law so its best to be informed and have a lawyer assist you in mounting a case.